Who are you two, anyway?
We’re college sweethearts who broke up and got back together (plot twist!) and got married and are raising a dog in Tennessee. 

Wasn't this blog called gentandthejournaler.com before?
Yep. It was. But we wanted a fresh start for our corner of the internet, and Gent and the Journaler really didn't roll off the tongue, ya know? I found myself calling this "our little internet journal," and since the "internet" part of that is pretty redundant for a domain name, we decided on "Our Little Journal." So that's that! I'm a girl with a stack of overflowing journals in her closet, and my words are spilling over into this space. 

Why blogging? 
We started this blog right after we got married in 2013 so I'd have a creative outlet. (I worked in football, for heaven's sake.) I blog because I don't have everything figured out. Kyle blogs (occasionally) because I make him. And the guy can write gut-splitting posts.

He was actually the original blogger! Kyle started a blog after he met me our Freshman year of college, on which he gave advice to all the other freshmen dorm boys at our Christian college who were already trying to find a wife. And it was a pathetic attempt at stealing my heart. Pathetic, yet successful.

We tell stories and take pictures and keep it real on the internet. We’re about the half-full mug of coffee. We're about Jesus. And y'all are welcome here on our little internet journal.

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