photo by  Jer Nelsen

photo by Jer Nelsen

Four months before our wedding, and one month after college graduation, I decided to adopt a dog. Without much consultation from Kyle. Oops.

photo (4).jpg

As you can see, he needed a bath. Not to mention a haircut. 

Kyle and I are both from golden retriever families. We had always started out with puppies from breeders, not big boy orphans with baggage. And this dude - our Charlie Brown / Prince Charles / Charlie B. - has two-ish years of baggage he carries around. And the only insight we have into his past is gained from context clues.

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He doesn't eat people. He doesn't pee on furniture.

In fact, he came to us house trained, and even knew hand signals.

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He just has horrrrrrrrrible separation anxiety. 

He's like this awesome J. Crew sweater I once found on clearance.

Missing a button or two, but still worth the buy.

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photo (9).jpg

We've been smitten from the start.

And with each day, week, and month, he somehow gets cuter.


And life is better with him in it.

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