Call Me Kenny Bloggins

Welcome, traveler.

That’s about the creepiest way I could think of starting what is an exciting new series of rants from yours truly. I do want to welcome you, though. This is, yet again, a new blog for me. As I was beginning to post on my previous blog, I couldn’t help but be annoyed at how my domain name had “.blogspot” in the middle of it. It’s probably not something that should’ve bothered me, except that every time I gave the URL to a friend or colleague to check it out, they all rolled their eyes when I got to the “.blogspot”. Granted, their eye roll was more subliminal and less like the one your wife/girlfriend gives you when you tell her you weren’t checking out the girls in the Victoria’s Secret ad, but it was still noticeable. I wanted to be different. I didn’t want to have something in common with the bored, stay-at-home mom who just discovered a new recipe for gluten-free mac and cheese. And while I’ve seen P.S. I Love You enough times to fall into that category, I still sought to have my own thing.

Thus, the “Gent and the Journaler” was born.

This website was made so that Maggie and I could stay connected with all our friends and family who are sprinkled across the country. (I would’ve said “world”, but there’s no use in pretending our families are that exotic. Although, I have been to Mexico once.) We wanted to write about what we’ve been through, what we go through, and our observations of these encounters. This is the one section of the website of which I have absolute creative control. It’s like that “man cave” that your wife lets you have that’s actually the closet to the spare bedroom where things she doesn’t let you wear are stashed in depressing plastic bins. I’m not bitter.

On our site, you’ll see:

Travel: But not so much travel that you wonder what we do with our lives and how we can afford to go anywhere without cornfields.

Life Experiences: Maggie and I have a reputation for having horribly bad luck. I blame my parents. They blame their parents. Regardless, you’ll probably enjoy these stories the most.

Observations: These might be over anything. Love, lust, airlines, what happened to Mandy Moore, racism in America, fear of racism in America, fear of fear of racism in America. You name it, it’ll probably find its way in there.

Sports: Ugh. Just the idea of yet another person writing about something we all know so much about is agonizing. I’ll trickle these pieces in there sparingly; you’ll barely notice.

Who knows what this site will be a year from now or what all will be on it, but I hope that, as Maggie and I go through various adventures in the next twelve months, you guys will enjoy the stories and maybe even a laugh or two.

If not, you could at least pretend.

-Kyle (the gent)