One for the Dreamers

The cathedral ceiling of my brain is littered with helium balloons,
and I'm jumping, leaping, climbing, grasping for all their strings. 

Hey, you.

You want to blog. You want to have a successful career. Some days you want to be a photographer. A farmer. An artist. A teacher. A writer.  You want to read books - all the books. But you can't sit down long enough to finish them. 

Cooking and baking look fun - that one blogger you follow is really good at it. But you consider the mess it will make, and remember that you'll have to unload the dishwasher to load the potential mess, and you'd rather sit on the couch and "watch" a movie while scrolling through Instagram. 

You pin sewing projects and chair recovering tutorials, but never buy the fabric. Because how could you pick one?! What if you get tired of it? What if it's not perfect?

What if you're not perfect.

You'd like to make a quilt, or write a book, but don't know where to start.

You're dying to join a yoga studio, but don't want to go alone.

You plan vacations & browse homes you can't afford.

Too many ideas. Too passionate. Too busy.

You dreamer, you. Get a grip.

It's a new year - your year. Start doing your dreams.

While attempting New Year's resolutions, I've drafted more of a To-Do/To-Don't list. I read a blog post recently that offered a step-by-step guide to chasing your dreams. And this list-lover got to thinking. What if I made a (short) checklist of dreams for each month. Not on a sticky note to get lost in the Narnia of my purse. Not on my phone. But on my wall. What if I made a creative space for myself to get focused on these daydreams - away from the noise of our dishwasher and Netflix-binge zone of our townhouse?  Here's what I have in mind:

1. Make a creative, separate space. 
I'll be taking over the space on our upstairs landing where our desk currently sits. I'm planning to hang wire baskets for my husband to sort boring, ugly papers in the desk's new location. The search has begun for a chalkboard (or something similar) to hang in my new creative space, where I'll put my monthly (FUN) to-do list. Also searching for a comfy chair (otherwise, there's no way my booty will stay there and accomplish things.) Do I need a calendar? A little shelf, maybe? A side table?

2. THREE goals each month - written on the wall.
Yep. Just three. On the aforementioned chalkboard-or-something-of-the-sort. I get scatterbrained when I try to multitask, and end up doing everything halfway, disappointing myself. In effort to simplify and stay focused, I'll grab a piece of chalk at the beginning of each month and write THREE goals (dreams, really) to check off. Goals can be as simple as "finish a book," or as involved as "book a flight to a city you've never visited." Short to-do lists are my favorite. And all I can handle. I need medicine.

It's on-the-wall-accountability to chase dreams. No escaping it. No excuses. Three things. 

3. Stop comparing.
She doesn't have to live life the way you do, and you don't have to live life the way she does. Too often, we (I) feel defeated before we even begin something because someone else has already done it better. Perfectionism a disease. Don't listen to the lies you tell yourself. Don't borrow someone else's measuring tape to gauge your own self-worth. Celebrate the stories of other humans. And don't forget to celebrate you. Because you're the only you there is.

Perfection is shallow, unreal, and fatally uninteresting.
— Anne Lamott
image credit to  Ambivalently Yours

image credit to Ambivalently Yours