Our Craigslist Desk

It was a sad little desk. I happened upon it one Saturday morning while browsing Craigslist, 35 minutes after it had been posted, and asked Kyle's "permission" in such a way he knew he didn't have a choice.

I needed a project.

As it was our second Craigslist purchase, we thought we'd try our hand at negotiation.

Turns out, we're terrible negotiators. It didn't help that the couple we bought it from looked like retired professional wrestlers and they had a ferocious dog barricaded in the kitchen, trained to kill.

So, we forked over $40 to the lady and loaded 'er up (the desk, not the lady). 

"Oh, I can't take any less than $40," she said. 

"That old veneer will peel up easily," she said. 

"It's a beautiful antique, handed down from my grandmother," she said. 

She really should have taken off the garage sale sticker and skipped the heirloom story. I watch Antiques Roadshow, after all. 

We chiseled at that old, rotten veneer for hours and hours. Shout out to our Shark garment steamer for being surprisingly handy in the world of furniture. Its steam helped loosen the glue and give us a little hope. But mostly, shout out to elbow grease & feistiness.

That desk would not win!


But it sure beat our tiny living room. We lived around that inescapable monstrosity for two weeks.  There it sat, as we watched Wheel of Fortune and ate ice cream out of the carton, mocking us. 

We carried it in and out, in and out. Out to sand, in to sleep. Out to stain, back in so we weren't the crazy neighbors with the desk on their porch. And yet, we were still the crazy neighbors with the desk on their porch. You win some, you lose some.

And, because we got a little chisel-happy, Kyle made a fourth trip to Lowes in 48 hours to pick up some wood filler, and meanwhile, I watched YouTube tutorials of Tim the Toolman wannabes. 

We love the contrast of the stained top and painted body. If you don't, please don't tell me so.

You can't beat a 2-in-one product. Thanks for helping me cut corners, Minwax.

(They didn't pay me to say that, people.)

Our choice of paint! I'll remain loyal to Annie Sloan for life. 

While I'm merely Sloan-educated via YouTube videos, I find that applying the wax with squares of my husband's old white tees works well. 

Picture this ^^^ + a record player + a small succulent plant + a large, blue Ball jar, and that's our desk-turned-entry-table. I'm in dire need of a new project. Please send your old, junky furniture my way!


-Maggie (the journaler)