Life Lately: Goodbye, Summer

What a summer. I blinked sometime in June, and here I sit in August, burning fall candles and wondering if summer really even happened. Our blog has been quiet and stagnant, but our lives sure haven't. Much has taken place since our last post - so much that I can’t even begin to settle on an appropriate theme. So, how about a pictorial summer synopsis? 


We took a whirlwind trip to Williamsburg, VA for July 4th weekend.

And by whirlwind, I mean hurricane. But Mr. hurricane Arthur was rather kind to Virginia, and we merely suffered a flight delay, missed connection, and 3:30 am arrival to my aunt and uncle's home. Worth it!

Hey, Colonial Williamsburg - mind if we move in?


Our visit consisted of belly-laughing, porch-sitting and storytelling.

Which is the perfect vacation agenda, if you ask me.

Virginia, we love your landscape...

...but we love your people the most.

Our spare summer moments have been spent with family, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Many trips have been made back home, and much time has been spent here. ^^^

Emma's a small-town girl, too. She gets it. Home will always be my favorite destination.

My birthday was last week, and it seems life stored up a little extra drama to ring in year 24 for this journaling Magpie – complete with a car accident and the return of the Indiana State Fair train, which blasts by dozens of times each day, feet from our apartment steps. (No, really. We feel it before we see it.) Regarding the accident, a very nice gentleman with very poor judgment ran a red light, then BAM. My after-work grocery trip became a police report and ice cream for dinner. But that's just life, right?

Very sad about my sweet white Jimmy. SUCH a good car - the only car I've ever had.

But as my Uncle Tom always says when asked how he’s doing, I’m better than I deserve.

And I’m so thankful for this life - every bit of it. 

I lucked out. This girl happened to be in town on my birthday! So, naturally, we met up at City Market for some tamales and life talk.

Bottling up every second I get to spend with this friend, who happens to be my cousin.

Mom & dad came down for part of the weekend.

We had a belated-birthday celebration on Sunday, complete with church

(in the building behind them ^^^)...

...FREE belated birthday Starbucks (Extra shot? Don't mind if I do.)...


...antiquing with said Starbucks...

...a final goodbye to our friend, Jimmy...

...and a cupcake. 

Because even 24-year-olds have birthday wishes. 

-Maggie (the journaler)