January: 3 things

Per my resolutions, one month, three things. That's what I'm committing to. And so far, so mediocre.

But I'm okay with that.

Plan a road trip? CHECK. Pack lunch? Not every day. I have no excuse. But I HAVEN'T eaten Jimmy Johns, and that's a big step for this Turkey Tom eater. Read a book? Working my way through Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery. But, hey. It's still January!

My creative space is coming together. In fact, I'm perched there now with an empty coffee mug & bed-head. 

Table: I found this amazing Threshold accent table at Target (after scouring all the Target stores in Indy) that was precisely what I had in mind! It feels/looks like olive wood. BONUS: had a $10 off $50 or more coupon (which I think is still valid)!

Blanket: Ralph Lauren on clearance at Home Goods. So cozy!

Pillow: Amateur sewing job by yours truly.

Candle: A clearance steal from Anthropologie. Their candles make me hungry - especially this Oatmeal Cookie scent. MMMMMMMMMMM.

Book: The New York Times: 36 Hours 150 Weekends in the USA & CanadaIt's helping me plan our road trip! 

Can we talk about this chair for a second? When I moved to Indy before Kyle & I got married, I had a twin bed, a striped Ikea couch I bought from someone for 100 buckaroos, a navy corduroy butterfly chair from my college dorm, a kitchen table & chairs that belonged to my great uncle's mother, and other miscellaneous items with elaborate stories tied to them. Needless to say, I needed some seating and a trip to Restoration Hardware was out of the question. So, my grandma dug this chair out of their storage room and told me I could have it. She said I could recover it, or do whatever with it. But I had no intentions of hiding this vintage beauty.

Vintage: descriptive word used by people who can't afford new furniture to feel classy about their hand-me-downs. HA!

I love this chair.

I also love that I share a nickname with magazines, so my magazine holder looks all customized. P.S. I've had this things since fourth grade. It used to hold my Brio mags. Now it holds Country Living & National Geographic

I'm still working on this space - hoping to add a little more to the wall. Baby steps.

Also, I don't have it all together. I didn't take pictures of the soap scum in my bathtub, the dust bunnies under my bed, or the pile of clean clothes I'm too lazy to put away. You're welcome for that.

And here's where we're going! Can't wait to hit the road.

-Maggie (the journaler)