O Tannenbaum

"Let's go pick out our tree on Thursday - Sullivan's won't be busy on a Thursday."

Thursday evening at 6:37, we pulled into Sullivan Hardware and the lot was plum full. Because, little did we know, SANTA was in the building; it's Kids Night every Thursday in December. Oh, the excitement! Food & drinks, a toy train with an extensive Christmas village, fake trees, real trees, the cutest gift shop you ever did see, wreaths, poinsettias, and of course, hardware. It was fun to observe how the parents were holding up. Some were barely hanging on, being dragged around in different directions by their sugar-buzzed kiddos. Others looked as delighted as their offspring (it was pretty magical). 

With a giant line to see Santa wrapping around the greenhouse, we had the real-tree lot pretty much all to ourselves! Once you pick a tree, an employee will come and take the tag off the tree, and give you the barcode to take to the register.

"Take your time, and take this up to the register when you're ready, then pull around the building and we'll tie it to your car. Do you want me to take your picture? I really don't mind - my mom is obsessed with pictures," said the teenage boy who helped us. Sullivan's, you hire the best seasonal staff!

We took the tree home, and it wouldn't fit in our stand. While Kyle held up the tree, I took an x-acto knife (and brute strength) to the bottom bottom branches. I wish I were kidding. SAP AND NEEDLES ERRYWHERE, GUYS. And guess what movie we watched as we trimmed our tannenbaum? Yep. White Christmas. 

Happy Saturday! I'm off to eat some Taylor's Bakery donuts & make a shopping list. 

19 days 'til Christmas!