365 days of Mr. & Mrs.

One year ago, we became a team, Kyle, God and me. We stood in front of our family and dearest friends and promised forever. How wonderful it is to know that God made Kyle with me in mind. He knew we'd meet at the Bethel College sand volleyball court. He knew Kyle could weather Hurricane Maggie. He just knew. 

It's incredible, really. It seems like just yesterday I was a young Freshman trying to ask out this cute girl on campus, and now I've been married to her for one year. The path that lead to today has been far from simple and straight, but Maggie and I didn't expect the smoothest sailing in this first year. What's interesting is that the twists and turns our marriage has taken this past year has allowed me to learn so much more about my wife than I thought I'd ever know. Her creative talent brings color to my gray-scale business mind, and her optimism balances out my cynicism. Plus, it's nice to have her fashion tips because I think I'd be a mess if I had to dress myself. (Reminder: I once wore track pants out to dinner in Mexico.)

Long before we ever met, I wrote letters to Kyle. Yes, letters. Imagine me as a bib overall-clad third grader, writing letters addressed, "Dear Husband" in my Barbie notebook, signing off with, "I kinda feel stupid writing to you when it seems you don't exist. Please don't tell anyone! P.S. Wait for me." (Can you tell I jammed out to Rebecca St. James?) Embarrassing? Maybe. But reading these letters with Kyle in the days leading up to our wedding was priceless!

Before our wedding day, the one aspect of marriage I heard about the most was how difficult it is. Explaining what it is like to be married to someone who has never been married is pretty difficult in itself. But what I've learned so far is that for every moment of annoyance or misunderstanding, there are many more moments of pure joy. I'm not necessarily talking about the corny Hallmark definition of the word joy, but the feeling that comes with sitting in Starbucks together talking about nothing important and thinking to yourself, I am so happy to be with this person. And what's great is even though we may argue or have times when we get annoyed with each other, that feeling is always there. And I am blessed to get to feel this way every day, for as long as we both shall live. 

Long story short, it's our very first anniversary, so we wanted to share our wedding video with you! Kyle's sister, Kristi, filmed and edited our wedding day just before officially launching her videography business. She's awesome! Check out her Facebook page here

Our wedding was everything we had hoped for. But it's what came after the wedding - marriage, being teammates - that  we are most grateful for. 

- Us (the gent & the journaler)