Something’s missing | And I don’t know what it is | Friends -check | Money -check | Well slept -check | Opposite sex -check | Guitar -check | Microphone -check | Messages waiting for me when I come home -check
— John Mayer

In the madness of life, everyone seems to be searching for their own nicotine patch; something to fulfill the thing they crave. Often, we can't even put a finger on what that "thing" is. So, we reason with our spirits.

If I buy this new house, I'll be satisfied.

If he pops the question holding a 1 carat engagement ring, I'll be happy.

If I just lose 10 more pounds, I'll feel pretty. 

But, when the house is bought, the ring is sized, and the pounds are lost, we consistently find another trophy by which we measure our contentment. 

And it's never enough. Something's missing.

Look around, and you'll see that anger and lust and greed are king in our sad, lonely world. Our only solace springs from the hope we have in the King of Kings. The peace he offers is something this world is unable to give or steal from us. The only way to combat life's messiness is by choosing joy and Living Last.

We (Kyle and Maggie) are incredibly flawed, stupid humans. But, despite our inadequacies and our hearts are able to choose J.O.Y. By living Jesus-first, yourself last, and others in-between, true happiness - joy. Imagine where your family, your community, your church, your state, your country would be if everyone decided to Live Last.

For most men, the world is centered in self, which is misery: to have one’s world centered in God is peace.
— Donald Hankey

We believe in the manger.

We believe that Jesus came to save the world as a baby, born to a virgin.

We believe that he died to give us a hope greater than this world.

We believe he defeated death, and came back to life. 

We believe in heaven, and we're so excited for the day we get to party up there with our Lord. 


It seems crazy, right? Can faith really be all the proof we need?